31 Aug 2011

Singapore Stars with Smurfs Celebrate National Day 2011

In conjunction with Singapore’s 46th National Day, over 50 Smurf figurines have been exclusively designed by our local celebrities, radio personalities and overseas artistes.

On 7 August 2011 @ Bugis Junction,  a silent auction take place. A total of 90 figurines will then be exhibited at Bugis Junction for a month.

Sharing some photos of the celebrities:

(left - right) Darryl Yong, Jeffrey Xu, Romeo Tan, Adeline Lim, Sora Ma

Romeo Tan

Sora Ma

Adeline Lim

Pamelyn Chee

Chua En Lai

Tay Ping Hui

Jade Seah

Kate Pang

Smurfette and Papa Smurf

Nat Ho and Elvin Ng


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