29 Feb 2012

Earth - Our Untamed Planet Exhibition at Science Centre Singapore

Good News to all the parents and children’s in Singapore,

From Mar 01, 2012 onwards, there will be new event at Science Centre Singapore called Earth - Our Untamed Planet Exhibition.

Big thanks to the Management of Science Centre Singapore for gave me the opportunity to review this event. Their warm and sincere hospitality really surprised me. It was a pleasure to review this educative event.

A short explanation about this event:
When   : Mar 01, 2012 onwards
Where  : Hall B, Science Centre Singapore
Time     : 10am - 6pm, open daily
Price    : Science Centre admission rates reply

Earth – Our Untamed Planet aims to address the ‘what, where, why and how’ of the forces of nature and their significant impact on the activities and lives of Man. There are seven zones within the exhibition.

Zone 1: Journey to the Centre of the EarthThe exhibition starts with a huge quadrant of the globe that looms high overhead. Enter through a crack in the surface to begin your journey into the depths of the 'Earth' to uncover its secrets.

Zone 2: Dynamic Atmosphere
Aside from the energy within the Earth, the Sun is the second great engine that powers change. Exhibits here relate to the power of the Sun driving storms and wheather phenomena that we see and experience.

Key exhibit: Typhoon Simulator. You can experience gale-force winds up to 150km/hr even in Singapore!


Zone 3: The Earth Under Our Feet 

In this zone you can learn more about the formation of Singapore and the geology of the rocks that you live on.

Key Exhibit: Science On a Sphere (SOS). You can found a giant animated globe that can be used to explain complex global environmental processes in an intuitive and captivating way. The technology was developed by NOAA and this Science On a  Sphere is the first to be used in Southeast Asia.


Zone 4: Tsunamis 
Unlike normal sea waves that are produced by wind blowing over the surface of the sea, tsunamis occur when large masses of water are suddenly displaced (moved). What can trigger this displacement and how can different coastlines influence the imapct of these destructive waves? You can find out the answers at Singapore Centre's Tsunami Wave Tank.

Key exhibit: Tsunami Wave Tank

Zone 5: Volcanoes 

Take a fantasy journey into the depths beneath the volcano to learn what powers this fiery mountain. Watch the volcano erupt, and learn about the various equipments that scientists use to monitor volcanic activity.

Key Exhibit: In the Belly of the Beast. This is a mini replica of Mayon Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Zone 6: Earthquakes 

In this zone, you are introduced to how earthquakes form and how we study them. On-going research on the surrounding geo-hazard prone regions will also feature strongly here, to emphasize the importance of why we need to learn more about these forces.

Key exhibit: Earthquake simulator. You can experience a 'quake'! You will know how does different ground surfaces affect the intensity of shaking during an erathquake.

Zone 7: Living with an Untamed Planet

In this zone, you are invited to contemplate whether our actions and decisions are putting ourselves more at risk from the forces of nature. Exhibits here also present technology and knowledge that help to sustain our coexistence with our untamed planet.

Below are taken at the exclusive media Preview of Earth - Our Untamed Planet exhibition on 27 February 2012.



Hi, Danny! Ini acaranya sampai kapan yach?
Ticketnya berapaan?
Fotonya bagus2!! Jadi pengen bawa anak2 liat juga =)
Thanks uda sharing!

Hi, ini termasuk dalam pameran permanen. Harga tiket masuknya S$9.00. Tiket ini sudah termasuk tiket masuk Science Centre. Thanks ya. Selamat berkunjung kesana, dijamin bagus :)

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