1 Apr 2012

i Light Marina Bay 2012

Every year Marina Bay have a special programme called i Light Marina Bay. This is the second times held in Singapore. 

The event featuring more than 30 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art instalations, with a strong focus on works from Asia.

Displayed along the Marina Bay waterfront, these stunning light art installations will transform the Bay into a magical space of light and colour from 9 March -1 April 2012.

The i Light Marina Bay 2012's light art installations consists of:

Key Frames (Groupe LAPS, France)

Coral Garden (Olivia d'Aboville, The Philippines)

Crystallised (Andrew Daly and Katherine Fife, Australia)

Parmenides I (Dev Harlan, USA)

enLIGHTenment (Edwin Tan, Singapore)

5QU1D (Ryf Zaini, Singapore)

Kite (Singapore)

The Gate (Li Hui, China)

Garden of Light (Hexogon Solution, Singapore)

Immersion (Martin Bevz and Kathryn Clifton, Australia)

Urban Makyoh (Light Collective. UK)

Sweet Home (Aleksandra Stratimirovic, Sweden)

Light of The Merlion (OCUBO, Portugal)

BioShell (Shinya Okuda. Japan/Singapore)

White Rain (Takahiro Matsuo. Japan)

Uh (The Propeller Group. Vietnam)


Wow! What a nice pictures. So well captured, bro!

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