15 Oct 2012

Sentosa Spooktacular 2012

Good Day to Everyone,
For the first time to celebrate the 2012 Halloween Festival, Sentosa Spooktacular kicks it up by transforming Fort Siloso into a full-scale Netherworld.
The Netherworld is a playground of Sentosa Spooktacular’s ghosts and ghouls, beckons with scenes of Singapore set in the 1950s.
You may found Pontianak, the Chinese Ghost Bride, the Dead Soldier and the Chinese Vampire.
These iconic ghouls of the Asian folklore will front the cohort of 200 ghosts, who were successfully recruited for Sentosa Spooktacular 2012, making it Singapore’s largest Asian horror festival.
These new hires will populate Fort Siloso and its five new Horror Trails, a venue used for the first time in Singapore’s Halloween history.
Five new Horror Trails:

- Ouija Board
Responsible for burying prisoners-of-war during WW2, the caretaker used to live in the dilapidated house atop Mount Siloso before he was also tortured to death by the soldiers. The abode became the favourite haunt of occultists for dark rituals, and the anguished spirits were summoned for Ouija readings. But no one dares visit after one such unholy pilgrimage went wrong, and the inquisitors vanished mysteriously. If you’re dying to know what happened, come ask the spectres yourself — but don’t get spirited away!

- Camp Berhantu
Watch the paranormal proceedings at the ghastly barracks as the ghost of a restless recruit re-enacts his fire mishap every Thursday night — when spirits are at their most rowdy, according to Malay beliefs. Smell the acrid stench of kerosene and burnt alloy; hear the sounds of frantic pounding and unearthly shrieks as the recruit is burnt “alive” for the umpteenth time. Be on your guard there — unappeased with killing his bunkmates in revenge, he might take it out on you. Then, you shall stay with him for eternity.

- Deadly Doll Studio
Afraid of dolls? You should be! Visitors of this doll studio swear the deadpan eyes of the creepy creations seem to follow them; some even claim to have witnessed them move on their own. So lifelike in appearance, people now suspect real human parts were used. Have you got the guts to spy on the uncanny doll maker to discover the secret behind her craft? Beware; you might end up being the horrific face of her next exhibit, as they say she will not stop until she makes the “perfect doll”.

- The Land of Lost Souls
Get on board Sawadee Airlines to the desolated Dwng Wiyyan, where you will notice the only other person around seems to be the grim, blind monk. But don’t be fooled; he’s not alone. Surrounding him (and you) are tormented spirits with unfinished business binding them to this world. You best pray you have the “third eye” to see the wraiths, or you’ll never be able to dodge their deadly clutches. Are you fast enough to escape and make a return trip from the lifeless land?

- The Last Sequel
Always wished you could write your destiny? Hear the morbid story of an ill-fated author and you will drop the idea. The wretched man continues to be stricken by horrific events that seem to follow his novels to the letter — grisly pieces of his sister sent to him in a crate, his wife found gruesomely murdered and hanged in a walk-in freezer. Come see how the nightmarish plot unfolds, but first: prepare your death note.

There also will be several types of activity booths for this immersive horror experience, ranging from push-cart stalls selling devilishly delicious snacks such as dim sum and beverages, getai singers, to Spook stores as well as tikam tikam ─ all manned by original spirits of the once-existing hawkers back in the day.
Big thanks to Sentosa Spooktacular management for inviting me to review this spooktacular event.




Date: 19-20 October 2012, 26-28 October 2012
Time: 19.00PM - 23.00PM

Ticket Price
- Early Bid: S$36.00 (Until 15 October 2012, limited tickets)
- Student Rate: S$28.00 (Valid for 19-20 October 2012 only, limited tickets)
- Standard: S$48.00
- Islanders: 15% of Standard Tickets

Tickets are available at http://www.spooktacular.com.sg or Sentosa Ticketing Counters


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