29 Dec 2012

LEGOLAND® Malaysia

Hello all, happy Saturday. Today I will share with you about LEGOLAND® Malaysia. Big thanks to LEGOLAND® Malaysia management for giving me the opportunity to review this great place.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia is the first LEGOLAND Park in Asia and the world’s sixth LEGOLAND Park. It is the ultimate LEGO® experience for fans of all ages, with a particular focus on families with children from 2 to 12 years old.

This park has more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions. It offers a full day of adventure, education and fun.

The 15.000 LEGO models found throughout the Park are created out of 50 million LEGO bricks.

The attractions in LEGOLAND® Malaysia:

- MINILAND: This is the heart of LEGOLAND® Malaysia.
MINILAND contain of Asia’s best known cities, countries and landmarks have been recreated in miniature sizes out of LEGO® brick on a scale of 1:20. This area alone uses 30 million bricks. Sounds amazing, right?

- THE BEGINNING: This is the entrance to the Park. In this area have Asia’s largest LEGO® shop, The Big Shop, and LEGO pick-n-mix at The Brick Shop. Around here also have The Café restaurant.

- LEGO® TECHNIC: In this area have LEGO® workshops for aspiring designers, Project X (the Park’s fastest ride), Aquazone Wave Racers, LEGO® Mindstorms, Technic Twister and LEGO® Academy.

- LEGO® KINGDOMS: This is the place of magic and ancient castles in LEGOLAND® Malaysia. The Dragon and The Dragon’s Apprentice offer guests, young and old, roller coaster rides on a dragon’s back. Children can explore the treetop playground in The Forestman’s Hideout. Other attractions around here are Merlin’s Challenge, Royal Joust and The King’s Market.

- IMAGINATION: This is a special place in LEGOLAND® Malaysia where creativity rules.
Over here have the Build and Test Centre,  DUPLO® Playtown, The 4D movie at LEGO® StudiosDUPLO® Express, Kid’s Power Tower, Observation Tower and Pizza Mania restaurant.

- LAND OF ADVENTURE: In this area, you may journey into the forgotten worlds of Pharaohs and dinosaurs. Dino Island is a daring boat trip where LEGO® dinosaurs still roam. Everyone can join the laser-blasting hunt for hidden treasure in Lost Kingdom. Young children create their own adventures in the Pharaoh’s Revenge play area. Other attraction and shop around here are Beetle Bounce and the Adventure Depot.

- LEGO® CITY: This is the place where children take control! Driving School allows kids to steer their own cars on a true-to-life traffic circuit. Would-be captains take the wheel of battery powered boats at Boating School. At Rescue Academy, families race each other to put out a “faux” fire. Other attractions are LEGO® City Airport, LEGOLAND® Express, The Shipyard and Market Restaurant.

LEGO® Christmas Tree
(Biggest LEGO® Christmas Tree in Asia ~ 9 metres in height, made with 427.695 DUPLO®  LEGO® bricks)
Kuala Lumpur Monorail
Petronas Towers
(the tallest Miniland models ever made ~ nearly 10 metres high)
Sultan Abdul Samad Building
Merlion - Singapore

Sultan Abdul Samad Building
 Perdana Putra Building

Karaweik Hall - Myanmar

Angkor Wat - Cambodia
Taj Mahal - India

 The Great Wall - China
Riverside Point - Singapore
 Singapore Flyer
Below is some of the attractions in LEGOLAND® Malaysia:
Dino Island
Boating School
The Shipyard

Observation Tower
(This is the highest point in the Park ~ 60m)
The Dragon’s Apprentice
 Media Pass
Tickets Price
- Day Ticket:
Adult (12-59years old): RM140 (Regular price), RM112 (Online)
Children (3-11 years old): RM110 (Regular price), RM88 (Online)
Senior(60+ years old): RM110 (Regular price), RM88 (Online)
- LEGOLAND® Annual Pass:
Adult (12-59years old): RM325 / SGD135
Children (3-11 years old): RM255 / SGD106
Senior(60+ years old): RM255 / SGD106
- You can purchase your ticket and pass via online
- Day Ticket need 7days advance booking
General Info about LEGOLAND® Malaysia:
- LEGOLAND® Malaysia opening hours :opening hours
- LEGOLAND® Malaysia bus services: bus services
- LEGOLAND® Malaysia accommodation: accommodation 
- LEGOLAND® Malaysia directions: directions
- Visit LEGOLAND® Malaysia website for the details.


Very Important information!I would like to say that this blog is very informative and i would love to visit it again.

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