12 Dec 2011

Mystica - Night Zoo

Big thanks to Night Safari for giving me the opportunity to shoot the fascinating kingdom of Mystica. It's my second time to work with Zoo Management. As you know, last two weeks I took a shot for Zoo Hoo. Both attractions are new and FYI, the Mystica Trail is only available from 9-31 December 2011.

No word could describe how well they transform the Night Safari to the fascinating kingdom of Mystica. The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. You won't know who or what you can see when you stroll along the Mystica Trail. So, please be aware guys! hohohoho.

Hope my following picture can help to imagine how wonderful the Mystica Trail is :)

Just go there and enjoy your evening at the Mystica Trail. Don't forget to bring your camera and dressed in green top to enjoy the 30% off your Night Safari admission from 9-31 December 2011.


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