16 Jan 2012


MediaCorp Channel 8 was holded a massive two-day road show from 19-20 November 2011 at NEX Mall, to give audiences a sneak peek at its 2012 drama line-up.

Total of 38 MediaCorp artistes turned up in this event.

Called Dramatasy, this event was the broadcaster's biggest road show in Singapore.

(from left to right) Rui En, Kate Pang,  Zhang Yaodong

Huang Wenyong, Lin Meijiao, Rui En

Kate Pang, Andie Chen, Pan Ling Ling, Chew Chor Meng

Kate Pang, Andie Chen, Zhang Yaodong

Huang Wenyong, Jeanette Aw, Pierre Png

Zhou Ying

Joanne Peh

Pierre Png , Joanne Peh

Ya Hui

Chen Shucheng

Tracy Lee

Terence Cao

Zhang Yaodong

Zoe Tay

Dai Yang Tian


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