2 Dec 2012

New Cinema Sound Format "Dolby® Atmos™" at GV Max

Good Day to Everyone,

Singapore’s leading cinema exhibitor, Golden Village (GV), together with Dolby Laboratories (DLB), is proud to announce the launch of Dolby’s latest new cinema sound format, Dolby® Atmos™, at its largest cinema hall, GVmax®.
Located at their flagship GV VivoCity, Golden Village’s GVmax® features radial stadium seating with a total capacity of 602.

GVmax® also possesses the widest cinema screen in Asia at 22.4 metres accompanied by a crystal-clear 2K digital projection.
With the installation of Dolby® Atmos™, GVmax® marks another milestone as the first South East Asian cinema to introduce the revolutionary audio system, designed to create a more realistic movie experience for viewers.
Dolby® Atmos™ is regarded as the most significant development in cinema audio since the introduction of surround sound in 1987.
The new technology of Dolby® Atmos™ takes a unique layered approach to sound design by giving content creators total control over the placement and movement of sound relative to the audience.

Installed by Electronics and Engineering Pte Ltd (a regional industry leader in audio-visual system integration), GVmax® has been retrofitted with 67 independent EAW speakers to match audio with the onscreen action.
Big thanks to GV management for inviting me to review 'The Life of Pi' movie  that use Dolby® Atmos™ sound format at GV max.

Be sure you watch it.


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