31 Jan 2012

Sentosa Flower 2012 - Enchanted Spring

Yeah!! Finally this year I got a chance to visit Sentosa Flower 2012. So happy, coz usually during this ‘event’ I’m still at Jakarta to celebrate Chinese New Year.

I was truly amazed with their collections of the rarest and most unique flower of spring, their coming in all colours of the rainbow. I was also amazed with thematic decorations like Dragon Gate, Dinoland, Sweet Love, Sea World and more.
Oh anyway, the theme of Sentosa Flower 2012 was 'Enchanted Spring'.

Hope you can feel the ambience by seeing these pictures.


Wow! The flowers are so beautiful. I like the heart one!

Thanks htan for dropping by. Glad you like it.

thanks vi. Acaranya dari 22-29 January 2012

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