20 Feb 2014

2Degree Ice Art 2013-2014

Today I will share with you a cool exhibition named 2Degree Ice Art 2013-2014. 2Degree Ice Art 2013-2014 is an ice craved exhibition that displays iconic world landmarks carved from ice blocks. I believed you will be amazed with the beauty of ice carving when visiting this exhibition.

These ice statues are carved by 20 prominent ice carving masters from Harbin, China. They are invited to carve a variety of iconic world landmarks, such as. London’s Big Ben and Paris’ Eiffel Tower taking on the form of magnificent ice sculptures measuring up to 3m in height. The sculptures are carved out of color dyed ice blocks and illuminated with special lighting to further enhance the beauty of these exquisite pieces of art.

To prevent ice statues from melting, they are using one of the world’s most advanced refrigeration technology from Germany. The indoor temperature will also be maintained at -15°C. Because of that, you need to wear winter coat and hand gloves which they provide before entering the exhibition.

In this exhibition, you may expect:
- iconic world landmarks carved from ice blocks
- falling snow which is simulated using snow-making machine.
- special children’s playground carved out of ice.

Be sure to visit this exhibition. Many thanks to 2Degree Ice Art management for the media pass to review this event.


Characters from 'Dream of Red Chamber'

Nine Dragon Wall from Beijing - China

Moon Gate

Great Sphinx of Giza

Karaweik Palace

Baby Jesus

Santa Claus

Award Winning Design from Japanese Snow Art Competition

Karlskirche from Vienna- Austria

The Patuxai Arch from Laos

Eiffel Tower From Paris - France
Sir Stamford Raffles
Statue of Liberty
Four Faced Buddha
Big Ben from London - England
Exhibition Name: 2Degree Ice Art 2013-2014
Event Duration: 20 November 2013 - 15 May 2014
Location: Sheares Link (besides Marina Bay Sands Hotel)
Opening Hours: 10:00AM - 10:00PM Daily
Ticket Price
Adult: S$32.00
Children: S$26.00
Senior Citizen (60 years old and above): S$26.00


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