18 Jun 2012

Animals & Our Community @ Jurong Point

From 9 June - 10 June 2012 AVA, Jurong Point and CWS organised an event called Animal & Our Community.

Many of dog and cat lovers bring their pets to come to this event.

In this event, you may learn how to treat your pet better, to teach your pet with some advice from the experts and give the pets a home by adopting them.

I hope these animals can get a nice home and live happily.

Please Adopt us !!

Stylish dog

Sleepy dog

These 2 dogs are really big

Falling in love scene

The owner of 2 big Great Dane (Mr Bernard Yeo from Awesome Pawsome)

Great Dane

Great Dane

Mindee Ong and her dog

Please adopt me !!

FYI, this dog is very friendly and not bites. In Singapore, labrador must use the mask in the mouth for safety purpose.

Waiting for the food



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