26 Jun 2012

Another Side of Jakarta

Hi all, today I want to share some of the photos that I took when go back to my hometown (Jakarta).

Hope you enjoy it.

Monkey Mask aka Topeng Monyet


 Bread Seller

Daai Truck

Tapai Seller

Vegetable Seller



Garbage Man

Naryo Beef Ball Seller (Famous Beef Ball seller in my house area)

 Metro Mini (one of the public transportation)

Bitter Bean aka Petai Seller

Street Musician aka Pengamen

Fried Rice Seller

Vegetable Seller

Rojak Seller

Malang Beef Ball Seller 

Porridge Seller

Satay Seller

Tailor man

Fried Seller (sells fried banana, fried toufu, fried bakwan and many more)

Beancurd Seller

Jakarta's views from the plane


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